Mission and History

Our Mission

To support Pluta Cancer Center patients by providing the funds to relieve the financial burdens, and by supporting the Integrative Oncology and Wellness Center. In addition, the Foundation invests in the professional development of our caregivers who are at the front lines of patient care.

Our History

Pluta Cancer Center was established at Genesee Hospital in Rochester, NY, in 1975 by a grant from the Pluta family. The hospital’s very first cancer treatment facility, Pluta Cancer Center, became a valuable resource for comprehensive, multidisciplinary cancer care in the Rochester community. When Genesee Hospital closed in 2001, the Pluta family—under the leadership, determination and heart-felt persistence of Andrew Pluta—worked to keep Pluta Cancer Center open.

In March 2003, Pluta Cancer Center moved into its current location at 125 Red Creek Drive in Henrietta, NY. Pluta became New York’s first independent not-for-profit cancer center, offering the latest in radiation therapy technology, chemotherapy treatment and integrative oncology care.

Pluta merged with Strong Memorial Hospital and the University of Rochester Medical Center in 2012. Since the partnership, patients have been receiving the same compassionate, patient-centered care that Pluta is known for while gaining access to the University’s state-of-the-art research, new technology and clinical research.

Pluta Cancer Center Foundation, established in 2012, continues to support the patients of Pluta Cancer Center. By providing funds to individual patients, awarding grants, supporting and developing integrative oncology services, and building the knowledge of our front-line caregivers, the Foundation aims to relieve the additional stressors that a cancer diagnosis can cause.

The Pluta Pillars

The Pluta pillars are the cornerstone of the Foundation’s mission. These pillars guide us in every decision we make.

Patient Needs: By providing assistance to families facing economic hardships due to their cancer journey, we cover a wide range of needs. From daily living expenses to larger grant opportunities or one of our patient programs, the Foundation aims to relieve additional stressors felt by our patients.

Integrative Oncology: Pluta Cancer Center Foundation financially supports Integrative Oncology programs and services to cancer patients. Integrative Oncology programs are patient-centered, evidence-based fields of cancer care that use mind and body practices, natural products and lifestyle modifications alongside conventional cancer treatment. Integrative Oncology services aim to optimize health, quality of life and clinical outcomes across the cancer continuum. This includes holistic programs that are meant to work in conjunction with a patient’s treatment plan. The Foundation financially supports many of the programs currently offered at Pluta Cancer Center and continually looks for new programs to offer our patients, providing the opportunity to tailor to each individual’s needs.

Andy and Helen Pluta
Andy and Helen Pluta

The Pluta Family

Andy and Helen Pluta are the visionaries behind the Pluta Cancer Center of today. Andy is remembered by staff and patients for his kindness. Stories are often told of how he would come into the Center and sit with patients in the waiting room, offering to get them something to eat or drink, or a friendly ear to listen, and never letting on who he was. Since Andy passed away in 2008, Helen continues to be very much a part of the Foundation. By attending events, helping gather donations, stuffing envelopes for invitation mailings, and always bringing a smile and a joke to each conversation, Helen’s care and continued passion for Pluta Cancer Center is overwhelmingly clear. With the support of her children and their spouses, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the family continues to ensure that Andy’s mission endures.

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