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Patients, family members, employees and donors share their Pluta Cancer Center Foundation stories.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful massages, for listening to me, and for providing me comfort and solace during my chemotherapy. Human touch is so important and vital to feeling whole and engaged in the world. Thank you for helping me feel better during this very challenging time.”

“As a patient receiving radiation therapy, I received the gift of a polar fleece poncho to use during radiation treatment. It was a great comfort, and I want to thank those people involved in the project.”

“Because I am in the center all day receiving treatments, I really appreciated the additional programs available, such as massage, yoga and tai chi. They helped me cope with the stress of having cancer. Thank you for providing an outlet.”

“The comfort bag was a real surprise and made me feel like someone cared and was looking out for me. Thank you!”

“I received a comfort bag in July when I started chemo. Today, I received a poncho for when I start radiation. I have received countless smiles and hugs from all the staff. I am grateful I live close to such an amazing facility. Thank you, Pluta Cancer Center, for making me strong and helping me know I wasn’t alone.

I love these classes! Every month is a new experience, and it is always a pleasure to make new recipes and meet new people.”

“The massage therapist gave me a very relaxing massage. When someone has cancer, they worry about their own health, their family and the overall cost. It is nice to relax and receive a complementary service and put it out of your mind for an hour.”

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